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Martina Stoessel

Martina Stoessel Muzlera, known professionally by the stage name Tini (stylised in all caps) is an Argentine singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and model. Stoessel began her career by appearing on the Argentine children's television series Patito Feo (2007–2008). She rose to prominence for her lead role as Violetta Castillo in the Disney Channel Latin America original telenovela, Violetta (2012–2015), and afterwards she portrayed the same character in the series' sequel film Tini: The Movie (2016).

With achieved great worldwide success, Stoessel signed with Hollywood Records, to release her self-titled debut studio album, Tini (Martina Stoessel) (2016). The album contains Spanish-English songs, and also includes music from Tini: The Movie. The album sold over 200,000 copies worldwide in less than two months, and reached No. 1 in Argentina, as well as the top 10 in several European countries. Stoessel's sophomore studio album, Quiero Volver (2018) with the sound of latin pop, also topped the Argentine album chart, becoming her second No. 1 album in the country. The album's lead single, which is AR certified platinum, "Te Quiero Más", and single "Por Que Te Vas", were Stoessel's first songs that charted in the top 20 on the AR Billboard Hot 100. The album also spawned her single collaborations "Princesa" with Karol G, with whom she broke through US Latin Airplay and US Latin Pop charts, and album's title track, a collaboration with Sebastián Yatra, that reached number 21 on the AR Hot 100.

Stoessel maintained her latin pop and ballad sound, where she also experimented new sounds like reggaeton, cumbia and trap on her third studio album, Tini Tini Tini (2020), which received double diamond certification by CAPIF, for selling more than 500,000 digital copies in Argentina. Tini Tini Tini album, spawned her singles AR double platinum "Fresa", AR platinum "Oye" and AR gold "Ella Dice", that were Stoessel's first singles to debut at top 5 in AR Billboard Hot 100. The singles made her break the record for most top 5 debuts on the AR Hot 100 chart. In 2021, Stoessel announces her fourth studio album featuring her two first No. 1 Billboard AR Hot 100 singles "Miénteme" and "Bar". The singles also reached on the Billboard Global 200 and Global Exl. US, making Stoessel's first appearance on Global 200, and making her the first female Argentine artist to achieve such success.

Stoessel's accolades include one Gardel Award, seven Quiero Awards, one Argentina Kids' Choice Award, one Colombia Kids' Choice Award, three Bravo Otto Awards, two Martín Fierro Awards, one LOS40 Music Award, two MTV Millennial Awards, one MTV Europe Music Award and nominations for the Heat Latin Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, Latin American Music Awards, Urban Music Awards among others. She is also referred to as the "Princess of Latin Pop" and "Queen of Reggaeton". In 2016, 2019 and 2021, Stoessel was named one of the 10 most influential women from Argentina. She became the only artist that ever completely sold-out nine Estadio Luna Park shows and six Hipódromo de Palermo shows with her Quiero Volver Tour and Tini Tour 2022. In 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, Stoessel was named Billboard's Argentina "Artist of The Year" and No. 1 Argentine artist on Spotify.

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Some of their strengths

Martina Stoessel has many admirable traits.

Based on spiritual traditions from around the world, they are someone who can be described as Intelligent, Honest, Intuitive, Generous, Smart, Curious, and Practical.

Independent and Brave

According to Mysticism’s Astrology tradition, Martina Stoessel is someone who is an independent, brave, and honest person who approaches life with energy, intuition, passion, and generosity. A person who is known for being a good partner.

Adventurous and Free

Based on Daoism’s Ba-Zi or ‘Chinese Zodiac’ tradition, people who know Martina Stoessel well know them as someone who can be talented, wayward and free, like a big river or the ocean.

Methodical and Exacting

According to Hinduism’s Jyotisha or ‘Vedic Astrology’ tradition, many would also describe Martina Stoessel as someone who is careful, methodical, and a perfectionist.

A person who forms successful business partnerships, who appreciates the variety the world has to offer, who takes a frugal approach to life and tends to be a workaholic, and who engages in things that let them express their opinion.

Emotionally Intelligent and Intuitive

Based on the Mayan Tzolk’in or ‘Mayan Astrology’ tradition, Martina Stoessel is someone who tends to have strong emotional intelligence and intuition, and who can be a catalyst of change for others.

They are also someone who is patient, assertive, and who is a natural leader that likes to help others in need.

Independent and Dynamic

According to Judaism’s Kabbalah tradition, Martina Stoessel tends to be someone who is independent, dynamic, and courageous. Who can be positive, energetic, self-reliant, and adventurous, and who can make friends easily.

Some of Martina Stoessel's challenges

While Martina Stoessel has many strengths, nobody is perfect. They also have some challenging traits they need to manage.

For example, Martina Stoessel can be Materialistic, Short-tempered, Impulsive, Difficult, Perfectionist, Hesitant, and Narcissistic.

Short-tempered and Impulsive

One of Martina Stoessel's key challenges is that they are someone who can come across as short-tempered and impulsive.

Martina Stoessel must also exercise caution as they can be short-tempered and aggressive, and can have difficulty dealing with responsibility, authority, or criticism.

Sensitive and Critical

Martina Stoessel is someone who can be insecure, critical, and pessimistic, who can have difficulty relaxing, can be possessive and jealous, and who can have difficulty listening to others' opinions and perspectives and make hasty decisions.

Aggressive and Domineering

Finally, Martina Stoessel also can be aggressive, impatient, impulsive, and short-tempered.

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